Buying Your First Electric Scooter

Electric scooters are gaining more popularity all over the world for a number of amazing reasons that will make you wonder why you don’t own one yet. First, they are a cheaper alternative to fuel-powered scooters or cars. The price of charging an e-scooter is only a tiny fraction of what you would pay for petrol. If you want to lessen your travel costs, the e-scooter is the way to go. Especially in Singapore where you get heavily taxed for owning a private vehicle.


They are safer to use because they contain no combustible liquids. They require low maintenance and the only regular work you need to do is to plug it in to a power supply. Most e-scooters nowadays are equipped with top of the line motors and batteries guaranteed to last longer. Furthermore, their compact design and portability make it easier to navigate roads and store in your house. Most varieties can even be folded for you to carry anywhere. They also require less licensing and insurance so almost anyone can start using them immediately. Finally, they are friendly to the environment since they don’t let out harmful carbon emissions.


With several key benefits, it is no surprise that e-scooters appeal to a wide range of individuals. Because of their easy functionality, professional riders aren’t the only ones who can enjoy them. Even kids will be able to operate certain e-scooters but with the supervision of an adult, of course. Adults who want to ride for recreation or are looking for a simpler mode of transportation can find what they are looking for in an e-scooter.


If you are someone thinking of buying an e-scooter, here are some things to take into consideration.


1. What is your purpose?

The most important thing is to know your purpose for buying an e-scooter because this is where all the other tips will revolve around. Are you using it for leisure or for travelling to school and work? Are you going to be riding short or long distances? How often will you be using it?

There are many types of e-scooters so you need to choose one that will meet your needs. If you will use it more for recreation or as a hobby, an electric kick scooter or an electric bike may already suit you. Or if you are travelling to your school or office not far from your home, these types of scooter may be the most practical.

If you will be using it more often and for longer distances, choose a larger battery capacity or opt to add-on external batteries.


2. How far do you want to go?

As the name suggests, an electric scooter is powered by a rechargeable battery. Just like your mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets, an e-scooter can only go so far before its battery dies and you would have to charge it again.

Watch out for the battery life on an e-scooter when making a purchase. There are several battery capacities available that you can choose from depending on the distance you need to travel per charge. You often see suppliers stating the battery capacities in ampere hours (Ah) and the higher the “Ah” the further you can go per full charge.

Whatever the range an e-scooter’s battery can cover, the most important thing is to pick a high-performance battery. Since you do not use any fuel, your motor depends on the battery for its source of power. If you have a trusted battery brand, you will encounter less problems than if you go for a cheap alternative.


3. How much time to recharge the battery?

Some batteries take a longer time to fully recharge than others. Depending on the brand, e-scooters take 4-10 hours to charge. If you are always on the go, you would want an e-scooter that takes the quickest to recharge. Below are some useful tips for charging your e-scooter.

• Charge after every use even if the battery is not drained
• As the distance you covered increases, the duration of charging should also increase
• Do not overcharge
• Try not to leave the unit plugged in overnight as much as possible because the built in cut-off could fail
• Replace batteries if you notice any damage


4. What kind of motor does your battery give power to?

Aside from your battery, the other thing you should also pay attention to is the motor. Motors on e-scooters can range from 100W-750W. Again depending on your use, motors that have a higher wattage are more powerful. Motor with higher ratings would have better torque also to bring you up steeper slopes in Singapore when needed.


5. Additional factors

The ones mentioned above are the main things to look out for when buying an e-scooter. But there are also minor factors that are rider-specific which include your location. If you live in an apartment, you might think of buying something more portable so you can carry it upstairs. Or if you’re riding it to work, choose one that can be folded so you can store it in a cabinet at your office. Also, it is important to feel comfortable when you’re riding so try it out if it feels right under your body.

Now that you’ve read the factors that should influence you when buying an e-scooter, in the end, your decision may come down to brand or manufacturer. Go for a trusted brand and company that has had many satisfied customers and positive reviews. Do your research and ask around their store or visit their website. If your dealer is well-known, not only will you have a greater peace of mind, but you will also have an easier time finding parts when your scooter needs repairing.

Keep in mind the tips mentioned in this article and you too can become one of the millions of e-scooter users that are riding safely and efficiently.

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